We specialize in importing from China to the world.

We specialize in exporting from the world to China.

About us

Smart China Group in various formations has been present in the Chinese market since 2009.


Our group is built by specialists from around the world.

We specialize in trade between China and the world, including neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Vietnam.


China is a country comparable to the size of Europe. To improve the efficiency of our service we have a partner network throughout all the country.


Our services are addressed to people considering starting cooperation with China. We encourage customers to not only import products from China, but we are also looking for producers interested in introducing their products to the huge Chinese market.


We also offer international exchange services like for example, artistic projects, educational exchanges, real estate market and tourist services.

The headquarters of the Smart China Group is located in Shenzhen, which is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of the People’s Republic of China. Shenzhen is a modern metropolis with an extensive logistics network. Next to Shenzhen, we can find the oldest trade capital – the city of Guangzhou and the global logistics hub – Hong Kong.


Cooperation with China can be very successful or a painful failure. Language problems, cultural differences, communist bureaucracy, telecommunications difficulties, a huge area of the country and time zone differences are common problems that are difficult to overcome. Each interaction with a Chinese company is time-consuming and problematic. China is a different world from the one we know in the west and unfortunately, sometimes even many years of experience in the western market will be useless in the country behind the Great Wall. Thanks to our services you will save not only precious time but also nerves and money.



The Smart China Group team.