The following prices are flexible. The price of our service can be very different depending on the complexity of each order. If you are interested, please contact us at or by the form.


China is a vast country with the size of Europe and almost one and a half billion potential customers. The scale of the market is impressive and the presence on this market is the dream of many Western producers.

China is not like the old continent which is divided into small countries, each of which has its own rules, language, and different preferences. China is the largest customer of services and products of every foreign company that has successfully set up on the Chinese market. Unfortunately, not everything is so perfect. The first steps on the Chinese market often cost a lot of time and nerves because this is a very different system of work and action than we know in the western world. However, please do not be discouraged by this. We are here for you and together we will cross the Great Wall.

Price: 1000 Euro

Market research. Delivery time: up to 30 days. Analysis of legal requirements related to export and distribution on the Chinese market. You will learn about Chinese customs regulations and legal requirements related to legal distribution. We will find expo exhibitions for you, check what the competition offers. We will search for potential clients or investors and of course provide you all contact details of them.

Price: 1000 Euro

Product design. Delivery time: up to 30 days. Based on many years of experience and excellent knowledge of the Chinese market, we will adapt the product to the requirements of the local market to increase its sales potential. We offer Chinese translations of the product description, instructions, new graphic design or help you modify the composition of the product to suit Chinese tastes and legal requirements.

Price: 350 Euro per day

We support you during your business trip to China, we offer a translator in Polish or English. We can help you book accommodation and transport. Print catalogs or business cards in China.

Price: 400 Euro per day

We offer assistance in organizing your stand at any China Expo. Reserve a place, build an exhibition design, print and translate advertising materials. You can order a translator in Polish, English, and hostesses. If necessary, we will also help you book accommodation and transport.

Price: 1000 Euro per day

We can take your business under our wing, represent you on the Chinese market, take care of advertising, expand the distribution network. In exchange for the quarterly fee, we will be your branch in China. We manage customs clearance, arrange warehouse space, solve logistic and other legal problems.


We can help you find the right business partner in China and verify the credibility of any Chinese company. If you wish to enter and expand on this huge and dynamically developing market, we are here to help you.